Through the Colors: Staunton State Park

-A photo recap of 21 miles of popping aspen, red dirt, and towering rock outcroppings in Colorado's Staunton State Park- I've lived about 20 minutes from Staunton State Park for about 2 years now, and have dismissed the thought of going for a run there up until today. I mean... how exciting can highway 285 … Continue reading Through the Colors: Staunton State Park

The Citadel   Citadel ˈsidədl,ˈsidəˌdel/ noun: 1. a fortress that commands a city and is used in the control of the inhabitants and in defense during attack or siege. 2. any strongly fortified place; stronghold. When used in storybook writings and folklore, citadel is bound to provoke imagery of a hilltop castle, skies of fire, and … Continue reading The Citadel

Berthoud Pass-Winter Park Traverse (Mis)adventure

I thought to myself, okay is a relative term. By most standards, probably not. In this situation at this time of night, certainly not. I replied “you know, I’m in the mountains, which is perfect, but my hopes of hitching a ride back to the top of the pass have been shattered…”

Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile

We both wound our way through the sandy, dried river bed and back to the road, burning out our last energy reserves as the race grew ever closer to the finish. Reaching the road felt so good, but also was the longest two miles of the race. It made me realize how much everything hurt, and on the other hand, just how far I had come.

Barkley Fall Classic 50k- Blood, Mountains, and Camraderie

A nearby spectator shook her head and with a sigh, recalled similar situations from past runnings of Barkley events. “If you ain’t ever prayed, this race will make you pray. If you ain’t ever cussed, this race will make you cuss too.” Followed by another spectator’s “whoever comes over that hill first is going to be bloody, muddy, and having the time of their life.”

Lifestraw: The Go Anywhere Filter

Find Lifestraw at LifeStraw The Great Lakes have over six quadrillion gallons of fresh water in them, and just about one fifth of the fresh water in the world. They are also lined with dozens of state parks that offer blue waters, wildlife, and  hundreds of miles of hiking trails that make it a great … Continue reading Lifestraw: The Go Anywhere Filter

North Country Trail Run Race Report

Follow along IG: brandon_yonke_running FB: The North Country Trail Run takes place in Manistee, MI every year at the end of August. This was its sixteenth running and is clearly a year-to-year tradition with a large number of the athletes and spectators. Likewise, it is becoming a tradition for myself; It is hard not … Continue reading North Country Trail Run Race Report

Hardrock 100 Photography

Digging through my memory card, here are the photos I captured at Hardrock 100 in Silverton, CO. Most of these are on top of Handies Peak, a 14,000+ foot climb that athletes must summit on their way through the San Juans, finishing back in Silverton after 100 long miles. The day was full of both … Continue reading Hardrock 100 Photography

Pikes Peak: Doing an Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Review

The Lone Peak from Altra Running is a mid-cushioned neutral shoe- for somebody who doesn't pronate, and wants a bit of cushioning beneath their feet while on the trail. Altra makes their shoes with a Foot Shape. They are actually the shape of your foot, allowing for room for your toes to wiggle, even on … Continue reading Pikes Peak: Doing an Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Review

Breckenridge From Above

I've made it up to Breckenridge, one of Colorado's booming ski towns. While there isn't much snow to be found here in the summer, with the exclusion of a few peaks above 12,000ft, there are an abundance of trails. The ski area turns in to a playground of trails, and the city has trail systems … Continue reading Breckenridge From Above