Through the Colors: Staunton State Park

-A photo recap of 21 miles of popping aspen, red dirt, and towering rock outcroppings in Colorado's Staunton State Park- I've lived about 20 minutes from Staunton State Park for about 2 years now, and have dismissed the thought of going for a run there up until today. I mean... how exciting can highway 285 … Continue reading Through the Colors: Staunton State Park


The Citadel   Citadel ˈsidədl,ˈsidəˌdel/ noun: 1. a fortress that commands a city and is used in the control of the inhabitants and in defense during attack or siege. 2. any strongly fortified place; stronghold. When used in storybook writings and folklore, citadel is bound to provoke imagery of a hilltop castle, skies of fire, and … Continue reading The Citadel

Short Shorts, Tallest Peaks

My adventure from Leadville to the near-top-of-the-USA, to Mt. Hope, and back down. I started heading up Mt. Elbert at 4:15am from the Halfmoon trailhead in Leadville, CO. There was a refreshing chill in the air, a contrast that I welcomed compared to the near-one hundred degree stretch the Denver area had experienced that … Continue reading Short Shorts, Tallest Peaks

Frost and Fire- A Quandary Adventure

By Brandon Yonke IG@brandon_yonke_running Watch the adventure: Quandary Peak in 4K As the new year approached, I knew I wanted to start the year up in thin air. I had freshly acquired a zero degree sleeping bag that needed to be  broken in; my urge to be in the mountains remains regardless of the … Continue reading Frost and Fire- A Quandary Adventure

Running on the Sun: Javelina Jundred 100 Mile

"How do you feel?” I asked. His reply was straightforward and agreeable. “It’s hot.” The only response I could think to say in that rocky, barren landscape, completely absent of shade, was “Welcome to Hell.” I looked down at my watch to see it reading 98 degrees, which, assuming accuracy, had broken the day’s all time high by four degrees. There was still 50 more miles.

Berthoud Pass-Winter Park Traverse (Mis)adventure

I thought to myself, okay is a relative term. By most standards, probably not. In this situation at this time of night, certainly not. I replied “you know, I’m in the mountains, which is perfect, but my hopes of hitching a ride back to the top of the pass have been shattered…”