Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 10.16.14 AMI am Brandon Yonke. I call Colorado home. I define myself foremost as a seeker of trails and mountains; most of the time, this just happens to be while running. The running community is a huge draw to the sport for me, and as the community contributes to each others’ success, I find lots of joy in volunteering, pacing, crewing, and just being a part of race day whenever possible. I am a USATF Certified coach. It brings me joy to help other athletes become the strongest version of themselves and explore the landscapes around them in the process. My education was in marketing, with a focus on branding. I apply this as much as possible to the outdoor and running industry. My passion for creativity brings me to pursue photography and film in my spare time.

I am a fanatic of learning and read about anything I can find. I dabble in backcountry skiing. I do a bit of rock climbing as well. Also, I can make awesome from-scratch pizza.