Breckenridge From Above

I’ve made it up to Breckenridge, one of Colorado’s booming ski towns. While there isn’t much snow to be found here in the summer, with the exclusion of a few peaks above 12,000ft, there are an abundance of trails. The ski area turns in to a playground of trails, and the city has trail systems running all around it. Let’s not forget the Tenmile Range, a strand of 12/13,000 ft mountains, complete with Quandary, one of the Colorado 14ers. This range sits up above Breckenridge Ski Area. I set my sights there this morning around 4am.

The ski area was extremely steep jeep roads. I gained 3,000 feet in 4.2 miles. I’m pretty sure it would be entirely possible to find a vertical kilometer course in there someplace. Luckily, the rocky, sandy jeep roads were easily tackled by my Altra Lone Peak 2.5s. As the sun began to rise, the tips of the peaks of Tenmile became a burnt orange color, creating a vivid contrast between the green foliage on the mountaintops and the blue sky above. It was pretty amazing, along with the snowmelt lakes that were speckled across the valley floors.

Summit of Peak 10, wearing the Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest

My journey took me from Peak 8 to Peak 9, a simple traverse with a massive landscape on all sides. On Peak 9 you are able to peer over a sharp, steep rocky ledge into a variety of couloirs, some with snow, some not, but all certainly appearing to be highly difficult routes.DCIM100GOPRO From Peak 9 I descended into a valley, and began an arduous climb up talus covered Peak 10. The boulders were generally stable, but at times would shift enough to allow for a little scare. I’m not the biggest fan of climbing talus- it requires additional attention to surroundings and is generally more time consuming, but, the views from the top of Peak 10, as with most mountains, was amazing.

I descended Peak 10 via an old jeep road that passes an abandoned weather station and another gutted cabin, both interesting sights to see. The road flooded over with snowmelt streams a couple of times. It was stunning views.B12_lzn1B14_lzn

I furthered the descent back through the ski area and down the hills, back to the trailhead.

See you on the trails-


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