Heat Train Like a Pro

If you're signed up for a summer or fall race, heat is an inevitable factor in your training (raises own hand, sweat dripping from forehead). Your running options are to wake up well before the sun, load up on coffee, and hope you don’t start sleepwalking, or, wait until the sun goes down, get to … Continue reading Heat Train Like a Pro

A Faster You

Runners at all stages of fitness usually get to a point where they are thinking "How can I get faster?" Running is a system of many moving parts- literally and figuratively- that all need to be trained. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen. The trick is to be to be smart about how … Continue reading A Faster You

How to Find What Running Fuel Works Best

In response to my article Fueling Better For Top Performance, I got lots of questions about how to find what works best while running. Here are just some of the strategies I've seen athletes try, jumbled in with some thoughts of my own. Let me know what works for you!

Fueling Better For Top Performance

This article is inspired by my most recent racing blunder in hopes that you don’t make the mistakes that I did on race day. I made a lot of them. Here is my story, and this is what I’ve learned. See if you can count the mistakes. I raced the Salida, CO Run Through Time … Continue reading Fueling Better For Top Performance

5 Workouts to Get Faster Without Causing Burnout

Whether you are going for the podium or a PR, it is likely that you’ll get to the point where you want to start running faster. And why not? Being human, we are hardwired to pursue the better self, not to mention those oh-so-good endorphins