In the years that I have spent running, there is one thing that is certain: running has the ability to shape our lives, or even change them completely. Running is an experience we can use to realize our greatest potential and to become the strongest version of ourselves.

As head coach at, it is my mission to develop an athlete from their starting point into an achiever of goals and dreams. My responsibilities cover much more than figuring out the most effective way of putting one foot in front of the other. I also am a problem solver, teacher, listener, guide, and an encourager. Running is a journey that requires all of the above. My coaching journey and desire to help athletes make it to their self-defined finish line has lead me to earn a USA Track and Field coaching certificate as well as the Lydiard Method I & II certifications. Each of these certifications explores different ways of building athletes in all different phases of fitness and distance. I have experience with races ranging from 5k to 100 mile.

9 Tips For A Faster You

When you use the form below, I will send you a copy of my e-book 9 Tips For A Faster You for zero cost. This book is a summary of the principles that lead runners to be great- and anybody can be great. In it, I include information on proper running form, cadence, stretching routines to prevent injury, how to fuel on the run, and ways to vary your terrain and workouts to build holistic endurance.

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“I came to Brandon overworked, overtrained, and in a very self-destructive mindset of going hard for each run and pushing my body way too hard. I ran Zion 100 last year (without his coaching) and did not achieve any of the goals I had planned on. I felt exhausted going into the race and could barely think or walk for a week after. Brandon turned all of this around for me this year for the 2018 Zion 100.

The first thing that makes Brandon a great coach is he knows his stuff! He not only is an awesome coach, but a very talented runner as well. It’s hard sometimes to listen to people who haven’t been through the things you go through when training. Everything Brandon had me do came from not only his coaching skills, but his first hand experience. His attention to detail is insane! He always had everything planned out for me to the T. Anytime I had an ache, pain, or life event he always made sure to make edits for me to ensure I made the most out of the rest of the week.

The biggest factor in my success was how well he managed me from a mental perspective. I’ve always been an all or nothing dude. If I’m going to do something it’s going to be all the way every time. Brandon knew this about me and consistently checked in with me via text to make sure I was on track and feeling well. If I had some outlandish idea for a crazy run that didn’t fit the program he made sure to listen and step in as a coach and find a middle ground.

I cut 7 hours off my time from Zion last year! 7 hours! I attribute a large part of my success to his persistence, knowledge, and personal attention to my training. People come up to me everyday and ask how I improved so much. I make sure and mention his name every time.”

-Josh M., Boulder, CO


“I felt that I had reached a plateau in my training. Brandon worked with me to develop a plan that used different workouts than I was used to push me to new levels.”

– Jackie M., Omaha, NE

I wanted to run my first ultramarathon, but wasn’t sure where to begin. Brandon was consultative while coaching me through the plan, answering the questions I had along the way both in person and through lots of details on the plan layout. I am proud to have finished my first trail ultra!”

– Jarred O., Asheville, NC