Chasing The Fire: A Thank You

For much of the summer, the smoke has ebbed and flowed through the mountains, limiting if not completely obstructing the views. It has been one of the hottest summers I can remember. With near-record temperatures came near-record acreage burned from wildfires here in Colorado and across the western states.

Indian Garden Grand Canyon Rim to Rim trail running ultrarunning

Rim to Rim: A Trail Running Misadventure in The Grand Canyon

...eyes on the trail as a waterfall shot out of the canyon across from us. A lack of attention here would often result in hundred(s) of feet of air into a messy death below. Beauty and feet-from-death are two features that aren’t found in most scenarios, but this place was certainly one of them. As we climbed...

A Faster You

Runners at all stages of fitness usually get to a point where they are thinking "How can I get faster?" Running is a system of many moving parts- literally and figuratively- that all need to be trained. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen. The trick is to be to be smart about how … Continue reading A Faster You

Short Shorts, Tallest Peaks

My adventure from Leadville to the near-top-of-the-USA, to Mt. Hope, and back down. I started heading up Mt. Elbert at 4:15am from the Halfmoon trailhead in Leadville, CO. There was a refreshing chill in the air, a contrast that I welcomed compared to the near-one hundred degree stretch the Denver area had experienced that … Continue reading Short Shorts, Tallest Peaks

Berthoud Pass-Winter Park Traverse (Mis)adventure

I thought to myself, okay is a relative term. By most standards, probably not. In this situation at this time of night, certainly not. I replied “you know, I’m in the mountains, which is perfect, but my hopes of hitching a ride back to the top of the pass have been shattered…”

Review: Ultimate Direction Ultra Jacket

I continued my way up Cupid, alternating between hiking and running. Gasp. I was reminded that at just shy of 13,000ft, I was about 25 times higher elevation than Michigan. From the top, I gazed at the Continental Divide,

Barkley Fall Classic 50k- Blood, Mountains, and Camraderie

A nearby spectator shook her head and with a sigh, recalled similar situations from past runnings of Barkley events. “If you ain’t ever prayed, this race will make you pray. If you ain’t ever cussed, this race will make you cuss too.” Followed by another spectator’s “whoever comes over that hill first is going to be bloody, muddy, and having the time of their life.”

Lifestraw: The Go Anywhere Filter

Find Lifestraw at LifeStraw The Great Lakes have over six quadrillion gallons of fresh water in them, and just about one fifth of the fresh water in the world. They are also lined with dozens of state parks that offer blue waters, wildlife, and  hundreds of miles of hiking trails that make it a great … Continue reading Lifestraw: The Go Anywhere Filter

North Country Trail Run Race Report

Follow along IG: brandon_yonke_running FB: The North Country Trail Run takes place in Manistee, MI every year at the end of August. This was its sixteenth running and is clearly a year-to-year tradition with a large number of the athletes and spectators. Likewise, it is becoming a tradition for myself; It is hard not … Continue reading North Country Trail Run Race Report

Hardrock 100 Photography

Digging through my memory card, here are the photos I captured at Hardrock 100 in Silverton, CO. Most of these are on top of Handies Peak, a 14,000+ foot climb that athletes must summit on their way through the San Juans, finishing back in Silverton after 100 long miles. The day was full of both … Continue reading Hardrock 100 Photography