Pikes Peak: Doing an Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Review

The Lone Peak from Altra Running is a mid-cushioned neutral shoe- for somebody who doesn’t pronate, and wants a bit of cushioning beneath their feet while on the trail. Altra makes their shoes with a Foot Shape. They are actually the shape of your foot, allowing for room for your toes to wiggle, even on those long runs when your feet inevitably experience a bit of swelling.

I was impressed with the 2.0’s, though, my hope for 2.5 was that they would have a more durable outsole. It seemed like they got torn up quickly on rocks, so when I got my hands on a pair of 2.5’s, the first thing I did was take them on the most prominent 14er in Colorado, America’s very own Pikes Peak, which offers plenty of rocks, scree, talus, sharp pebbles, roots, and the occasional railroad tie. If anything would be a proving ground for these shoes, it would be 7,400ft of gain, 7,400 feet of loss, and 26 miles in between.

The first few miles of Barr Trail, the main Pikes Peak trail, is a sandy mixture, sprinkled with pebbles and small rocks. I felt that the LP2.5s had plenty of grip on this stuff. The claw-shaped lugs on the bottom really allowed for a firm planting of the foot and a secure stride.


A bit higher up and the trail gets increasingly rocky… like to the point that you can run under the rocks. This is where I found that compared to 2.0, the 2.5s seemed to offer more of a sticky feel on the rocks. There was no slippage, and once again, a very solid, confident placement of the foot.


I never wanted to test the shoes for electric conductivity, and luckily, I escaped the opportunity to do so. As I approached the treeline, a thunderstorm came out of nowhere and had me getting a bit worried. I stopped at the A-frame shelter there for about 20 minutes to wait out the weather. Luckily it passed without incident, and I continued on up to the top.



The descent was where the real testing started. Faster cadence and quicker movement on the rocks really pushed the testing of lateral movement strength of the uppers, as well as the durability of the outsoles. Bombing downhill, I admit I took some pretty tight corners and was doing some scraping on the rocks. However, I have good news: no wear. None. The lugs look exactly how they did when I pulled them out of the box. There are no chunks missing from the bottom. There are no tears in the uppers. Additionally, the 2.5 offers the same plush feeling as the 2.0. The 2.5 is a mean, rugged shoe begging for some adventure. I highly recommend it, and hope you can take it along on whatever your training/racing has in store. Let me know how it goes!

Lone Peak 2.0s side by side with the new 2.5s
Lone Peak 2.0s side by side with the new 2.5s

4 thoughts on “Pikes Peak: Doing an Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Review

  1. Nice review Brandon. At the time you took the side by side picture of the 2.0s and 2.5s, how many miles did you log on the 2.0s?

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