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Rim to Rim: A Trail Running Misadventure in The Grand Canyon

...eyes on the trail as a waterfall shot out of the canyon across from us. A lack of attention here would often result in hundred(s) of feet of air into a messy death below. Beauty and feet-from-death are two features that aren’t found in most scenarios, but this place was certainly one of them. As we climbed...

Through the Colors: Staunton State Park

-A photo recap of 21 miles of popping aspen, red dirt, and towering rock outcroppings in Colorado's Staunton State Park- I've lived about 20 minutes from Staunton State Park for about 2 years now, and have dismissed the thought of going for a run there up until today. I mean... how exciting can highway 285 … Continue reading Through the Colors: Staunton State Park

Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile

We both wound our way through the sandy, dried river bed and back to the road, burning out our last energy reserves as the race grew ever closer to the finish. Reaching the road felt so good, but also was the longest two miles of the race. It made me realize how much everything hurt, and on the other hand, just how far I had come.

Barkley Fall Classic 50k- Blood, Mountains, and Camraderie

A nearby spectator shook her head and with a sigh, recalled similar situations from past runnings of Barkley events. “If you ain’t ever prayed, this race will make you pray. If you ain’t ever cussed, this race will make you cuss too.” Followed by another spectator’s “whoever comes over that hill first is going to be bloody, muddy, and having the time of their life.”

North Country Trail Run Race Report

Follow along IG: brandon_yonke_running FB: The North Country Trail Run takes place in Manistee, MI every year at the end of August. This was its sixteenth running and is clearly a year-to-year tradition with a large number of the athletes and spectators. Likewise, it is becoming a tradition for myself; It is hard not … Continue reading North Country Trail Run Race Report

The First Step: Running Your First Ultramarathon

I’ve seen many people posting to online forums “what should I know before starting my first ultramarathon?” From my experiences, no race is the same. The lessons will vary from race to race, but, here are a few that I think are the most notable considerations for your first go at the “long” races, and … Continue reading The First Step: Running Your First Ultramarathon

Baptism by Fire: My First 100M, Superior/Sawtooth

Accompanying photos at Instagram @brandon_yonke_running (link at top) “You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day, you look back, and you’ve climbed a mountain.” -Tom HiddlestonI suppose this all started out on the road with MS Run the US earlier this year. With an immense MPW, I knew it was … Continue reading Baptism by Fire: My First 100M, Superior/Sawtooth

Running Video: Acquainted With The Night

The following is a short video of my 240 mile run from Las Vegas to Milford, Utah as I raised money for MS Run the US. Film credit goes to Todd Kellstein of Great Guns Studios, Los AngelesShot on RED Dragon

Spirit of a Runner, Heart of a Warrior

I am currently writing on the state line of Utah/Colorado. I am SO excited to be here. I have always dreamed of seeing Colorado, and now I am finally here. The first town I will pass through is Dinosaur. Yes, there are lots of dinosaurs. Yes, the streets are all named after dinosaurs.Last week I … Continue reading Spirit of a Runner, Heart of a Warrior

Mass Photo Post- MS Run the US

      The photos from my segment, and beyond. From 4/26-5/10