Outdoor/Adventure Films You Need To See

If you are like most outdoor-oriented people, you probably are thinking of the outdoors even when you are forced to be indoors. Here are some films and shorts to fuel your sense of adventure, stoke your adrenaline tank, and inspire your next escape.

What are your favorites? Have you seen any of these? Leave your input in the comments!

Western Time

Sally Mcrae, one of Nike’s trail runners is featured in this piece of art by Billy Yang Films. Her journey to Western States reminds us that through perseverance and dedication, we are all capable of overcoming adversities and doing great things. California’s coast, and the expanse of the Western States course are a great depiction of the the rewards we get to see as trail runners, mile after mile.



Nolans 14

This increasingly targeted FKT route of 100+ miles worth of 14ers is documented with Blake Wood’s attempt at becoming one of a handful of athletes who have ever finished this route. The views of Colorado are pleasant, but the angry skies they encounter leave the crew in for more of a run than they expected. With input from Anton Krupicka, Gerry Roach, and other outdoor professionals.



On The Road

Salomon runner Rickey Gates runs around the mountains and canyons of the American west, talking about his philosophy of travel, adventure, and what it is like to be a professional runner. By the looks of it, Colorado, Utah, and Oregon are featured, and his roadtrip by motorcycle will make your shoes start calling your name.



Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Professional mountain biker Danny Macaskill takes on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, taking his bike hundred of feet up a ridge to what is essentially a pillar, and should be regarded as the tallest place on earth. Hold on to your seat- a few of these shots will send you over the edge. There is a reason this has 29M views.




I expected this Red Bull film to be a blockbuster of sorts, and they didn’t disappoint. Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel take on the Drakensberg Grand Traverse FKT in South Africa, one of the largest uninhabited stretches of land on earth. Aerial views of their mountaintop journey and a remarkable, original landscape appeal to the senses. Warning: make sure your Fastpack is packed up before watching this.


MUT Runner

Sage Canaday creates a film about the past, present, and future of trail running. Topics include big races, training, prize money, and where the sport is heading. There are interviews from all the big pros, plus, 65% of the purchase goes back toward the sport in donations. Get ready to see some panoramic views of the Colorado high country!



In The High Country

Anton Krupicka gives a look into his 200+ mpw life while living in RMNP for a summer, as well as some of his hometown in nebraska. Breathtaking scenes of the Flatirons, Longs Peak, and Leadville fill the movie, as well as a soundtrack of a couple of indie bands you’ll likely be adding to your playlist. Check out Wolperts other movies- he definitely has a gift for filming adventure sports.



This classic follows pros as they race and train for Western States, one of the most prestigious 100 mile races in the world. Jurek, Anton, Ainsley, Koerner, and other pros all pitch in for segments of this full-length film, covering topics such as the history of the race, training, and the constantly-changing landscape of the race.




A short by Joel Wolpertinger that follows Rob Krar through the vast landscape of the of the Grand Canyon. The scenes are all beautiful continuous shots following Krar, the trail, and some good footwork. The important part- may I say the real art- is Krars narration in the film. He covers depression, coping with it, and overcoming it. I applaud Krar for taking on this topic, as many people deal with this challenge. He is a relatable source of inspiration.




Changing the pace of things here, this film is a ski mountaineering “flick” by Arc-teryx in Wrangell St. Elias in Alaska. Nearly 2 million acres of mountains tower above the film’s athletes, who are the only people in this rugged and desolate landscape. Summiting peaks and skiing down is the name of the game here, and will remind you how big of a world we live in.



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