Wanna Blow Up A Watermelon?

Day 2- another 50K

I began today back at Powerline road. The road is completely dirt and large rocks, and very beat up with technical footing. The first mile of it appeared to be an illegal dumping site, with junk and broken glass, shotgun shells and shot up stuff all over the place. It was more of a trail than a road, and I was loving it. The film crew however, had to jump in the MS Run the US car, because their Prius wouldnt have stood a flying chance on that road. Our Camry even bottomed out a couple time, but, with some luck, we made it through.

Rewind a bit-

Powerline road got its name, I assume, because it uns along a giant solar farm, and had power lines that run the entire length. It also has mountains on evry side. I was having the urge to climb one, so I headed off road to begin my climb up. The “montain only had about a 600′ prominence, but it allowed for a great view of the world around me. I ran along the ridge, and the film crew was able to get some great footage of the ascent and descent. Coming down was a bit of a scramble, and I had to do some rock climbing stuff a couple of times, but not more that 10 feet from the ground.

I continued along the road, passing by the solar farm. TK, our camera man, thought it would be a great shot. He didnt have lots of good options for an angle, so found some ratchet straps in the car to ratchet the camera to the hood.

Now, this camera is no joke. Its a monster, professional film camera. He ratchets it down, over the top of the hood, throws a sandbag under it for an “angle”, and starts driving. It was one of the sketchiest, dumbest things I had ever seen. After a quarter mile, he called it quits, and I am glad he did. I didnt want to see that thing get run over.

The road goes up a long gradual hill as it passes the solar farm. After a couple of miles, I crested the hill. I could see people wandering through the desert ahead, through the heat waves. I rubbed my eyes a bit, thinking maybe I was seeing things. Nope. Definitely people. I made it to them after about 10 more minutes. Both the car and I approached, and we both looked at eachother like “What are you doing out here?” At least from my point of view, their reason was obvious. They had tables set up, and bag chairs. Oh, and the tables were COVERED in guns. Rifles, shotguns, tacticals, handguns… pretty much all of it. They were shooting propane tanks, watermelons, and clay targets.

I introduced myself, and we connected quite well. They were a bunch of military guys and their family on their day off. I got to pump off about 12 rounds of 12 guage with a tactical Reminington 870 and fire off some .308 into a distant target. The shotgun was awesome. TK loved it, and we got awesome footage of me just randomly shooting the heck out of stuff in the middle of my run. They shot up a propane tank for us, and it flew into the air in an impressive manner.. The watermelon blew to pieces in the same way.

We thanked them and I began back along powerline road. After another half mile, I had to climb over a fence to continue the trail on the other side. The fil, guys backtracked and found their way around, meeting me on Great Basin Highway.

Ill keep Great Basin short. (pun) It was LONGG. I ran a straightaway on it, gradual downhill for TWENTY FIVE miles. It was so mentally exhausting. I could see the bottom of the hill forever- It never got closer. The mountains were pretty, the horizon was scenic, but the amount of hurt and general suck of the downhill took everything out of me. The constant repetitive use of the same muscles and being in “brake” mode wore me out. I stopped avery couple of miles for food and water. I ate almost a whole jar of pickles for sodium, bananas dunked in peanut butter for supercalories, and went through almost a gallon and a half of water/electrolyte mix.

Eventually, I got to the bottom of the hill, and started up the next. At the top, I called it quits for the day, putting in another 50K. I marked my stopping point with a balacing rock tower and a big “100K” drawn in the dirt.

I dont know if i already mentioned this, but our campground is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. It is green, has lush grass, natural palm trees, and a river that flows through. The river is spring fed, and is 80-92 degrees year round. I stretched out standing in the river, as my legs were a wreck, more or less. I sat down in the water and rolled my muscles out with The Stick as well.

Dinner was a repeat of delicious brats and burgers, and I ate a sweet potato raw.

I was sleeping by 8:30pm, exhausted from the run and being in the sun for the whole day.


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