Beginning the 240 Mile Run

Day One- 50K

I started today at a park just south of Vegas. I held the starting line banner up for some photo shots just before beginning my day. At 6:15am, my run began. I followed some neighbrhood streets out to Sunset Road, which parallels McCarran airport. I had a few planes fly over me while I ran under a bunch of american flags that dangled from streetlights, every 50m or so. Our camera crew loved it, having planes flying over me while I ran. I turned onto Las Vegas Blvd after about a mile. I could see Mandalay Bay in the near distance, again, reflecting the sunrise in its dark gold exterior. We did some awesome filming in front of the Bellagio as I ran past the lake and along the palm trees or whatever they are haha.

I met up with a bunch of people all dressed in the Inspi(red) shirts, and asked if they were with a charity. They were, and we exchanged stories about what each of our causes was. I took their picture, and left most of them with a card about my journey and my contact.

My next big landmark was the Wynn/Encore. I love Steve Wynn, and have read his books. He is an interesting bussinessman, and built up Las Vegas nearly by himself, so to speak. That and the architecture of his buildings and the art work in them is pretty incredible. At this time, I caught up with a guy who was out for a run, whom I had passed back and forth a few times (stoppping to take pictures) and ran with him for a while. He was vacationing from the Chech Republic (I think?). We parted ways after a mile.

I ran under the Stratosphere tower, which is SO tall- like a needle into the sky. Right after is the pawn shop that is on History Channels “Pawn Stars”. I waited there for about 10 minutes, but they weren’t open for about half an hour, and I didnt feel like waiting any longer.

After running through North Vegas for about 5 miles, We came to the NEllis Air Force Base. In the distance, I could see some large planes approaching- definately military- and pointed them out to the film crew. As luck would have it, they flew RIGHT over the top of me. They were all bombers of some kindI’d never seen on in the air before, so that was cool, and the camera shot was AWESOME, or, as our producer says, “dope” haha.

I could see some signs on the horizon, which made sense to be the intersect of 15 and north LVB. I set them as my target, and continued running on. The signs were still about 6 miles away. I eventually made it. They marked the 26.2 mark for the day, but I wanted to get us off the LVB for the next day. I continued on for a few more miles, ending at the 50K mark for the day at Powerline road.

My legs were doing surprisingly well, having just got done with Boston 4 days prior, and a 50K today. My intake was about a gallon+ of water/gatorade mix, bananas, PB, pretzels, and some granola bars.

That night, I grilled out with the film crew. We ad some really good spicy brats. I had two of those, and two cheeseburgers, plus yogurt, fruits, and some oreos. In total, I was probably about 6,000 calories for the day.


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