Fence? What Fence?

Day 3- “recovery day”

I “slept in” today, which means I got up at 6 instead of 5:30. We drove back out to the stone pillar and the 100K mark. I put on my Oakley Persevere longsleeve, since it was chilly and windy yet that morning. I ran on the dreaded Great Basin Highway for 10 miles, until we hit our only landmark in sight, a radio antenna, which marked the dirt road we would be taking.

I stood on top of the car to pick up minimal GPS service, and confirmed that the route on MapMyRun.com matched our location. The road was very rocky, and I had to walk a few spots due to footing. The rest was varying densities of sand- some packed, some loose sand dune sand. The film crew was hating it. They were in the Camry, since on of the guys drove the Prius (thank god) back to reload on batteries for the cam, so they took over the Camry. Again, it bottomed out a couple of times. Twice, I was running in the middle of the road, which was fine since NOBODY was in sight for miles. (And it was crappy dirt for anything that wasnt a Jeep) and Pete, driving the Camry, would honk at my, signaling me to ove out of the way. He would go flying by, trying to keep momentum up in the loose sand so he wouldnt get stuck. It was more simialr to rally car racing than normal driving.

We came to a wash in the road- erosion that had carved a 4-feet deep trench across the road. I ran across, but the camry went off road a bit to get around. That happened twice as well.

After being on the road for 5 miles, and a quarter mile from the end where we meet Kane Springs Road, I told them “Meet me at the shiny thing ahead”. That shiny thing was a locked gate+fence that went across the road and as far as viible in each direction. We all gathered at the gate, wondering aloud how we would get around.

Long story short, some kicking and large rocks are very effective with locked gates. We got it open, and were at Kane Springs on the other side. The Prius waited for us there, with fresh camera batteries and the long lenses. Kane Springs is dirt as well, but packed and maintained. It was easy to go 60mph on.

I ran Kane for 10 miles, passing by a natural reserve, where I stopped to read the signs and see what the area “coyote mountain” (i think) had to offer.

My 26.2 mark was exactly where some stray cows stood and grazed. It was a crazy sight to see, and quite coincidental. I drew a big “3” for day three in the sand, and we went and chased the cows around for a bit.

I will be on Kane for the next 40 ish miles, where it joins with Rainbow canyon road. We will move our RV out there tomorrow and be roadside camping for a few days.

Tonight we went out to Vegas again to pick up our new crew member, Charlie. We stocked up on groceries since nobody knows where our next grocer will be.

Tomorrow I wont start running until evening, and will attempt to get us 50-60 miles through the “dead zone”, as we have dubbed it, where no cell service, food, or water exists.

I got to see a bunch of footage from the camera today. It is INCREDIBLE, and we havent even shot sunset scenes yet.

I just realized that tonight I will hit AT LEAST 100 miles today, for four days worth of running. That is the most I have ever run. It is amazing what the human body can do, and what the mind will tell you you can do when there are people and lives depending on you. I love what I am doing out here. If you are interested in helping MS Run the US fight MS and find the cure, you can find a link up on my navigation bar above.

Until next time-


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