A quick post before desolation

I am planning on today being my last day for a while with access to internet, phone service, and easily-accessible food/water. I am banking up on entires to post, most are semi-complete, but I will get them up as soon as I can. Its been a wild pst couple of days, and I have had to do lots of extra work due to certain events that came up. I am planning on another day close to 50K today, which will get me to my 100K marker. On one of the following two days, I will be running through the night to try to get us out of the dead zone we will be in. With the dirt roads and lack of food/water/connections in the area, it’s best to get through as soon as possible.

Best for now. I’m typing everything up on my laptop, I will just post it all when I get the chance.


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