Boston Marathon, Pt. 2- Post Race

After talking with the reporter, I met up with Dave, one of the producers for the documentary for MS Run the US. Actually, he found me for the first time that day. It was a bit of luck, and a bit of my spotty ability to give directions in such a huge, populated city.

He introduced me to Jon, who would be in charge of my audio in the production for the day.

We walked back in to Boston Common, the huge park where all the athletes were at, so that I could get my gear bag. I picked it up, and threw on my Oakley Persevere LS to keep the sun off me. I was quite heavily sunburned at this time from being outside on a cloudless day since the moment I woke up. That, combined with no sunscreen had made me very red. The volunteer who gave me my bag congratulated me in a very excited and genuine tone as I walked away; “Congrats on the Ironman my friend!” flashing his “M dot” (Ironman) tattoo on his calf. He hadnoticed mine, just as I had noticed dozens others throughout the day. It really is something that everyone does haha.

Dave, Jon and I walked around the pond in Commons for a while, attempting to find a good spot to set up “studio”. We settled underneath a willow tree right on the water, with lots of ducks around. Dave experimented with the lighting, angling the bounce board at me in various positions. We found the right spot, and Jon hooked me up to a mic. The big struggle was the helicopters that would make laps around the park every couple of minutes. It would drown out my audio and make things very choppy.

We interviewed there for about an hour, asking many questions about MS Run the US. Why, how, when, where, experiences, how I got there, about me, etc. People gathered around from time to time to spectate and take pictures of their own of us producing. I felt pretty cool!

We got up, and Dave asked how I was doing. I told him I was having withdrawals from Taco Bell, which is my post run binge food. He couldn’t guarantee any around here, but said we would make a solid effort to spot one.

We walked to the middle of Commons, where we took an elevator three stories below the park to the parking ramp. I finally (if you read the last post you’ll understand why i include this) used the bathroom. Even now, it hardly had a point to it. My body had just sucked up all that gatorade, and I got rid of almost none of it. I didn’t realize how dehydrated I had been until now. I was honestly surprised I didn’t get an IV at the finish.

Dave drove us out to Arlington, where we hopped on a bike path to shoot some B roll, which is just me being me. We did shots of me running, stretching, prepping my watch, etc. I almost ran into a biker once. Oops.

From there, we drove up the road to a hilltop park. It was one of the most expansive views I have ever seen. The Boston skyline was maybe four miles out, completely visible. The coast was also visible, as well as some mountains on the other side of Boston. It was INCREDIBLE. We filmed me running through the park and past this spot, with the skyline as the back drop. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, nor imagined one.

Jon recommended a restaurant on the way home, and Dave said he would treat me to food. We had nachos, which were rated as top 10 in the United States. They definately earned the rating. They were delicious. We got them supreme, with home made guac, sour cream, peppers, olives, cheese, cheese, more cheese, home made barbecue pork, and cheese. Oh, and cheese. It was enough food to fill the three of us, and the best nachos I might have ever had. The pork was so juicy and full of flavor, and the guac was smooth and had a good, full flavor.

I got back to the house I was staying at around 7pm. I hadn’t been there since that morning before the race.
I grabbed a towel and headed to the shower. My face was still white from the dried salt on me. I took off my jersey, and had clear salt-white outlines all over it. Same with my shorts, my arms and back. It was pretty gross, but I felt kinda cool. I took a long, hot shower, massaging my calves and hams which were cramping a little bit.

Cleaned up, I went to check my phone which was at home all day. I had 14 texts and 34 notifications on facebook. Thanks to all of you who gave me the wishes and prayers. You rock, and I am thankful for all the support.

I wanted to go to the after party, which was at Fenway/ House of Blue, mainly for the experience and to have a marathon victory beer with the guys I knew. They all had since left Boston, and I decided I would rather rest up and not walk 3 more miles to/from Fenway. I’m glad i didn’t because Thibault, the buddy who was hosting me, had a semi-surprise party to celebrate Marathon Monday for me. His room mates all got home, and had their friends over. I should mention that I was the only American in the house. It was a very cool experience. Thibault is French, as was his room mate Orianne. Ruth is Albanian if I remember correctly. A couple more from the Middle East I believe, and the friends were both French. They cooked up some French dishes, and we ate bread with Brie on it. I had never had Brie, and absolutely loved it. We ate pizza with sausage, goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and chicken on it, some deviled eggs, a veggie plate, and had some French Cabernet Sauvignon that was a 90+ rated. Everything- everything- was delicious, and I ate way too much brie haha. We watched whatever basketball game was one, and exchanged stories about the marathon, where we were from, joked about each other, and otherwise had a great time. Oh! Ruth made tiramisu. I’d never had it before. It was so rich and creamy, and I loved the taste of coffee in it, being the coffee snob I am.

I was ready for bed at 9:45, which was about when everyone left. I packed up my luggage, realizing there was no way it would all fit, and I would have to wear at least 7 layers on the plane. I had a last helping of brie before bed. I said goodbye to everybody there, and thanked them all for letting me stay. I would fly out in the morning, and was thankful for such a neat, diverse group of people I could call friends.

Tomorrow is another travel day, with 4 plane trips, ulimately landing in Vegas. Wish me luck.

Best to all.


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