Boston Emotions

The past two days have been filled with emotions that I cannot explain.

It all started yesterday. I took the subway over to Copley street. I came up the stairs and was directly next to the finish line for the boston marathon. This iconic landmark has had millions of runners pass under it, from the world elites, to the walkers, the hand-cyclists and the para-athletes. Today, I saw some blind people running the 5k, and was amazed at their determination and unity with the rest of the participants. I firmly believe that we, as runners, and this city, will stop at nothing to do what we love, and to come together as close as a family to encourage and support each other.

I have had the opportunity to talk to many people here, just by random conversation. Everybody has been so friendly and treats you accordingly. The amount of respect everybody shows each other is unmatched. The athletes have the “key to the city”, per se. I have been thanked for “being a runner” on multiple occasions. We all understand the context of the statement; our hearts are beating as one. Runner or not, this city is all about the motto: STRONG.

As I walked the finish line, aka Boyston street, I noticed everybody seemed to have scarves on- a blue and yellow themed parade of scarves. I stumbled upon the source of the scarves, South Church. The story goes that last year, after the bombings, a group of ladies got together to make the scarves for athletes this year at Blessing of the Athletes ceremony. their goal was a hundred scarves. Word got around and people for all corners of the globe began to make the scarves. The church has received 7,000 scarves, all hand knit and unique for the athletes. I made sure to pick one up. At this moment, I began to cry, seeing the amount of love the city has to spread, and again, the unity and oneness that can be found everywhere.

To top this off, as I walked on Boylston, I noticed memorial trees planted where each of the bombs went off last year. The trees were decorated heavily with shoes, letters, flowers, bibs, medals, poetry, pictures… everything. People were taking a knee for prayer and also praying together at these two trees. Again, I was overwhelmed by the unity and joined in some peaceful tear shedding, giving and receiving hugs.

At New Balance, I picked up a shirt that says ” Because Our heartS kepT On Running” (notice the emphasized letters spell Boston) which is so true.I thought of the runners last year who ran straight through the finish chute and on to the hospital to immediately donate blood and money for the injured. That is heroism. That is a heart that beats with love. That is a heart that kept on running.

I attended a service at a church on Boylston street. The church service, dedicated to last years events, was excellent. In addition, I have never to my memory been in a building with higher ceilings. Everything was stained glass, wallpapered, brick, wood, and very historic.

I plan to throw pics up in the future. Everything is on my DSLR for the most part, and I have no way to upload at the moment.

Run strong. Run as one.


One thought on “Boston Emotions

  1. Hi Brandon, I stumbled across your blog via a Google Blog Search. I was a Marathon Scarf Project scarfmaker and volunteer. The project was started just 2 months ago by the Old South Knitters with the hope of collecting enough scarves for those who attend their annual Blessing of the Athletes service, but it went viral and they received nearly 7,400 from 49 states and I believe 12 countries. I don’t know if you’ve been able to connect with your scarfmaker but if not, you can read more about what went into the project at my blog.

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