Into the Sunrise


I am currently typing this up on a plane heading from GRR > O’Hare > Boston. Its 5am. I left all my electronics at the TSA checkpoint because I am so tired, waking up at 3 today. I made a mad sprint back to grab everything, and luckily, the officer had it waiting for me. I was so relieved!

I got to the gate and sat down. A couple minutes later, I heard my name being called by someone. It was none other than one of my professors- the last one I said bye to yesterday haha. She is flying out for a conference and we have a layover in the same place.

She boarded ahead of me. I got on ten minutes later and her seat is right next to mine. Talk about coincidence!

Update: She has a layover that leaves the same gate as mine, but after. There are hundreds of gates here haha. Crazy!

I’m on the smallest plane I have ever been on- a puddle skipper I think is what I have heard people refer to it as.

There are 4 days left until the marathon. One thing is for sure; I hate tapering. I feel like a lazy bum not running the normal 80 MPW. I think I did maybe 25 this week, which I haven’t done since I can remember.

Its a little strange looking over the lights of my city right now, knowing my return is a couple of months off. I am still extremely excited to begin this journey though. I had a great last week in Michigan, and was able to see my family, friends, and a great lady friend a couple of times before departure, all of whom I am so thankful to have in my life.

Quick side note:
The Lumineers – Slow It Down
Gregory Alan Isokov- Stable Song
Jake Owen- Sure Feels Right

Been the only songs I’ve listened to for the past few days. Idk. Something about em.

Oh, and If you can teleport some food to me, that would be great. MCDonalds (all 3 of them) were closed, and the 24 hour Tim Hortons was only serving coffee. What do they think it is, 3am?

Already landing time at Ohare. That was fast. Onward!

-later that day-

I have landed in Boston. The public transportation (busses, subways) were super confusing at first. I missed my stop the first time riding both. In addition, my phone died by the time 8am came around, and i didnt even use it, so that made life easier (not). I stopped and stole a charge from a few random outlets on the side of the road.

I mistakenly got off the subway on Boylston street, where the finish line will be located. I decided the mistake i made wasn’t too bad, and went up to check out the area. It was busy! I stopped and asked a street vendor for directions, accidentally kicking over a small bucket of soap water he had off to the side. I apologized as I embarrassedly walked away.

Upon arriving to my hosts house, I unpacked and caught a quick nap. Post nap, I went for a run, winding up on Harvard’s campus. I explored there for a while, finding my way into a couple of the classroom halls. The buildings are so beautiful. There all are historic, obviously, and surrounded by ivy and large trees and yards. Everything is brick and wood. To even get to campus, I had to cross a footbridge across a river. I saw the crew team out for practice on the river., and another team was out for a run. I really want to try hopping into a class tomorrow, but I fear it will be something science related and I will be called on for being the unfamiliar face haha. That, and everything is keycard access.

While walking through downtown Boston for a brief moment, I saw the burial site of Samuel Adams. I stopped for a moment to appreciate the history behind this place.

Grocery foods are about 20-40% higher here than in michigan, with the exception of meat and produce, which can easily be double the price in some cases. I had a steak-n-shake style dinner. My meal- burger, fries, and a tea- cost $15 bucks.

Today, I will be heading downtown to explore a bit and snap some photos. Plan is to go to Cape Cod tomorrow.

Side note- EVERYTHING here is “Boston Strong” / “We Run Together” and I freakin love/want all of it haha. NB has huge billboards and street signs with those, and they are SO COOL.

alright. I’m out.


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