Running: Traveler Style

After the weekend had concluded in Indiana, I was dropped off at the Indianapolis airport to fly out to Orlando to meet my family for the rest of their spring break. I had only my running vest/pack with me. I spent about an hour of my 7-hour wait time running indoors through the concourses. One lap of the concourses was just shy of a mile. The airport was pretty big, needless to say. I got a lot of looks from the TSA and tourists, running around with shorts and a tech shirt, with mismatched colored shoes and an ultra vest. 

I sit back down at my gate, sweating, and began my regiment of pushups and ab exercises before starting my stretching. By now, I was surely the crazy guy in the airport.

I forewent food all day, since a 6 inch sub was pushing $14 at the airport. The rest of my waiting time I sat on the floor at various travel shops reading National Geographic and some island living magazine.

The flight went very smooth, and took about 2.5 hours. I was pretty bummed that I was not able to run home from the airport, since everything around the airport was 70mph highways. I love to run, but, I am not THAT crazy. I called and had my ride pick me up a short time later.


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