The Roadtrip Begins!

I spent the morning packing my stuff up for this coming weekend. I will traveling to Bloomington, Indiana for NIRCA (college running club) Nationals for the half-marathon (13.1 mile) distance with the rest of the Grand Valley Running Club. The course is supposed to be very hilly with about 900 feet of gain and over 1,000 runners competing. I’ll be using this race as a tune-up for Boston, which is now less than 3 weeks away.  

It will be fun to watch the track events, which are also happening after the half. I think the steeplechase is cool to watch!

The 6th, or the day after the half, is my birthday. I will be getting dropped off at the airport on the way home so I can fly out to meet my family in Florida for the last bit of their high school spring break.  Once landed in florida,I will be running 27 miles from the airport to the place we are staying. (I’ve never seen the area, so I’m hoping the roads have a shoulder. crossing my fingers for this to work.) If all goes as planned, I’ll get “home” at 2am. The only thing I have packed is my Ultimate Direction running vest with a change of shorts in it, and some Clif bars. Everything else went with my parents when they left today. I’m packing light- it’s gonna be a heck of a run.

23 more days until I begin my 240 mile run for MS Run the US. I’m excited! 

see you on the trails-



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