Weekend recap: part one- Mall Fundraising

This past weeknd I drove back home to my hometown, Portage, MI, to do some more fundraising for MS Run the US. I have 3 weeks left until I fly out! Time is getting close!
My first morning there, I slept in (until 6:50am) before I got moving on my day. I typed up a few business donation cover letters and updated my athlete resume. I printed them out, burning through ink in our colored printer. My parents love it. :p
I drove over to the mall to hit up the athletic stores within, as well as the outdoors outfitters. People were generally very helpful and interested, and gave me various dates to check back.
While at the mall, I swung by Guitar Center to buy some new strings for my guitar, which my dad passed down to me. After playing it for a few years, I decided I had better change the 35 year old strings on it before I bring it on the MS Run the US trip. I bought some new strings, and declined to have them install them for me.
Youtube was very helpful, but, after my third string was installed, the first two broke almost in sync with each other. A couple accidental naughty words later, I drove on back to GC to have them installed professionally. The good news is, it works and sounds phenomenal now.


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