Meeting the city- (weekend, part 6)

Sunday was the first day we have seen temps in the 50s in months. I went for 2 runs today, totaling 20 miles. my second run was mid day. I ran into my former high school math teacher, who was out running as well. We shared 3 miles and caught up on life, talking about school, running, family, and jobs. At the Celery flats, a lady asked me if I was a “runner” (gosh i love that question) and proceeded to tell her about MS Run the US. I saw Alex, from news 3 again, which was kind of funny. A couple former classmates, some longboarders who i struck up a conversation with… basically the entire city was on the celery flats trail today. like… hundreds of people out walking/ running.
This was technically, by common practice, my last day for a long run for Boston training.
I was able to go for the mid-day run without a shirt for the first time in months. It was so refreshing. I still was sweating!


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