Ice, Water, Mud, and Blood. Oh, and fun.

I ran with a few friends from Grand Valley Running Club today. In lieu of the thaw that is happening, everything around here is flooding, especially near the river. In about 2 more inches, the trails will go completely under water. We went out to the ravines and river trails to get in a muddy run, and to see what was left of the trail system. There is no more ice, so we crossed a section that was shin deep. I tried to navigate through more water to get us to a bridge over a deep section, that, ironically, was also underwater. I was in mid-thigh deep ice water before reaching what was visible of the bridge, and decided to turn around. I was soaked on the legs! Good thing i wore shorts- my skin dried in a few minutes. Feet… not so much.
We ran off the trail and toward the sides of the ravines. The thaw had left them thick with mud the only way up was to grab trees and use them as anchors. You would slide right down. I got my legs covered in mud from slipping and falling. This happened multiple times. Josh, (one of the fellow runners) and I continued for a few more miles after the “official” group run, back into the ravines. We just picked ravines to “scramble” up, covering our legs in mud the whole time. I was wearing almost brand new shoes (their third run) and they were completely brown when we were through with out 7 miles. Along the way I must have hit my knee on a root, because I bled down my leg.
We jumped a few streams, slipping back in on occasion, getting our ankles wet.
We wound up getting lost along the way, somehow winding up back to the banks of the Grand river. I used the backtrack feature on my watch to get us back on track.
I took the bus back home and got some interesting looks from people, including the bus driver.
“I’m fine! just went on a great run!” I told him.
No worries, the knee is just fine.




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