Becoming the FedEx Guy

Today was my last chance to ensure that all of my gear makes it to the MS Run the US RV in Milwaukee before it leaves to LA to start the relay. I lost contact with the person who was a “maybe” on driving through Milwaukee to deliver it, so I had to do it myself. I don’t mind a roadtrip by any means though.
I packed up my car early on Saturday morning with my guitar, 90L hiking pack, duffel bag w/ slackline and climbing gear, and, by impulse, my wetsuit. (Ashley, our director, thought i was a little strange when she saw this haha)
I left my house at 9am. I took I94 to the Illinois stateline, where all the toll roads start. 11 dollars later, I got off and just drove through the city. After being forced to drive aggressively, I passed by the Potowatomi trails, and breathed a sigh of relief , pulling into the park for a run.
The Potowatomi Trail, which follows the Des Plaines River, boast about 50 miles (if I had to guess) of trails, in a north-south fashion. I had time to do 35 minutes of running, so followed the trail as i wound around the bank. For the first time ever, I saw trees that had been chewed by beavers. I thought it was so cool! One was still standing upright, almost chewed through the core.
I arrived back to my car having only seen two other people on the trail. It was a good escape for the time being.
I drove another hour before getting to Milwaukee, which took me about five hours to get to in total.
I dropped off my gear, and met up with Ashley to catch up and go for a run. We went on a very scenic 6 miles on the lakefront of Milwaukee. I saw some historic buildings in Milwaukee, and the beach trail. There were quite a few runners out. No surprise though, since the sky was cloudless, and, unlike Michigan that morning, there was no snow to be seen.
I got to ride in the MS Run the US car, and I asked Ashley if the RV had a name yet. I personally think Nicole is a good name since it means “victory of the people”. As a charity that is fighting MS, I think victory of the people is a goal of ours. Defeat MS!
My drive home was rather interesting. After my first $4 toll on I94, I got right off and drove through the outskirts of chicago, with the skyline showing just miles to the east of me. It was NOT the place I wanted to be. Not only was the traffic horrendous, but there were emergency police-call buttons at every intersection, police patrolling everywhere, and lots of people out “wandering” the streets in the run-down area. I made sure my doors were locked, and ultimately opted to stay on that street since it was well lit, versus going down an unlit side street to try to escape the traffic.
After the hour of that, and nervously eating through an entire bag of trail mix, I was back on the un-tolled section of I94. I followed that home, arriving back just before midnight.
It was a good day- lots of cool things to see, it was good seeing Ashley again, the drive though Lake County, IL was very pretty, and Potowatomi was a neat trail.

21 days until VEGAS!

see you on the trails-




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