More Fundraising

I am exactly a month from beginning my run from Las Vegas to Milford, Utah, a 240 mile journey to raise money for the cure of multiple sclerosis. I ventured to downtown Grand Rapids today to talk to businesses about MS Run the US, the charity I will be running with.

Despite a very windy morning, I had a good time doing it. It is exciting to talk with people about what the charity is doing, and also knowing that it will be making a difference in the lives of other people. I met some great employees at various businesses. In particular, Wolverine Company Store, which sells the brands made by Wolverine Worldwide (Merrell, Saucony, Sperry, etc.) had an employee that was SO helpful and genuine to talk with. We shared some stories about running and talked about the company for a bit. It was easy to do since I am constantly replacing burnt out Saucony Fastwitches and Merrell Mixmasters. I wish her luck in her job and endeavors…

I’ll be heading home in a couple of days to host a bowl-a-thon at my home bowling alley to raise donations. I am getting close to my $4,000 mark, which is due at the end of April. I have high anticipation for the bowl-a-thon to help me reach that goal, and continue on toward $10,000

If you would like to donate to help the cause, you can do so here:

Other than all of that, I have an interview in an hour with a broadcasting company. Again, I have no idea what they will be asking or if I will be speaking in front of a mic or a camera… exciting!

Best regards

see you on the trail-



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