Shade(s) Through the Desert

In a few weeks, I will be heading to Vegas to start my 240 mile run to Milford, Utah in order to raise $10,000 for multiple sclerosis. I would like to give a sincere thanks to Oakley and their Kalamazoo, MI area reps for the all the support of my journey with MS Run the US. Oakley is making sure that the desert sun rays are keeping out of my eyes with RadarLock sunglasses, as well as lenses for multiple weather conditions and night. The glasses fit perfectly, are lightweight, and don’t move an inch- even when I’ve got sweat rolling down my face on runs. Plus, they look great; all my running gear follows the black/red color scheme, and these match flawlessly. I can swap the lens to the black, green, fire, or amber Iridiums, or the night yellows in a matter of seconds with the quick release locking switch on the inside of the frames. 

I threw on the gear and went out for what was my third run of the day, right around sunset. I used the yellow night lenses and went and ran hill repeats for 6 miles, totaling out approximately 24 miles for the day. 

The Conquer hoodie is wicking, fits snug, and will undoubtedly be my new cool weather gear. The shimmery print- almost like black digital camo- on the front is a cool accent that is unique to the hoodie. 

The long sleeve Persevere shirt boasts their Hydrolix wicking material as well, and have ample ventilation, as well as a similar digital camo looking print on the shoulders and down the back. It’s a fierce looking piece of training clothing, for sure.

Their running hat is, again, very ventilated, and has soft lining, and LOTS of reflectivity for those long night runs. I’m the kind of guy who likes to light up like a christmas tree when I’m out running at night, so this will be another addition to my night time inventory. 

It is a blessing to have such quality gear to run in for the 240 and beyond miles. Surely it will be able to withstand the desert, mountains, storms, and whatever else might get thrown at it. 

Check ’em out. You’ll be glad you did.


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