Local Business Makes My Run AWESOME

I had an awesome day today. The first thing I did was wake up, (at 5am)(make coffee) and run to downtown Grand Rapids. The trip was about 13 miles. I made it to the city before the sun came up, and ran under the lights, across the bridges, and along the riverbank. I spent some time at the downtown campus registering for all of my classes next year. I was able to get all of them registered in less than a minute, which is highly out of the ordinary. I thought it was pretty amazing how little time it took me. It helped to know the class ID numbers…
On my run back I was passing through the little town of Standale. There is a little store there that always catches my attention when I go by called Wilderness Expressions. For those of you who live in the Grand Rapids area, take my advice; don’t walk there, sprint. The store is incredible. It is log cabin style building, rustic looking, has a fireplace, and, not to mention, has an incredible coffee bar and baked goods. They serve Magnum Coffee, which I am willing to say is some of the best in Michigan, and, when combined with sitting in front of the fireplace, makes for an afternoon spent perfectly. They had some ambient nature music playing. The atmosphere was so calming and tranquil. One of the incredible staff struck up a nice conversation with me as I visited the store. I was surprised to hear about the runners in her family, and also her son, who shares a passion for the outdoors and slacklining. We traded stories about camping, running, and I mentioned a story of high lining on the slackline and gave a slight warning that that is where all slacklining leads to ;P. I Will be sure to stop back in for a place to do homework and relax. Thanks all for a great impression. I’ve already started spreading the word.

See you on the trails-


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