Radio Day!

Today I had a radio with WRJW 1340AM in Grand Rapids, MI. We did an interview live on air about MS Run the US and my history of running and charitable races. It was such an exciting moment in my athletic career, and Dave was a very insightful and easy guy to have the interview with. Thanks to both Dave and Jere for the interview!

It was good practice for my upcoming filming with the local news station at the end of this month. I’ll be doing a interview with a lady while running out on the trails. I’m looking forward to it!

I’m hanging out on campus for a while getting some homework done, and then I am going to shoot for a good section of the Grand Rapids Marathon course for my run. My guess is the Kent trails it goes on are under a lot of snow, so I will steer clear of that section, but I should be able to run the riverbank trail.

Yesterday was my first full rest day in 14 days, minus some rock climbing. After rock climbing, a group of us went to the Crooked Goose and ordered pizza. After 10pm it is half off. We split the large pizza between 5 of us, and our individual bills were $2.30 a piece for a good amount of incredibly tasty food.

The day before that I did 13 miles. 6 on trail, 7 on road. I saw my third-ever eagle while running along the Grand River. The eagle has got to be my favorite animal- it’s so majestic and calm. That gave me a morale boost, since the trail was pretty icy and rough to run on. I did the last 7 of the run with running club that night immediately following my 6 on trail. 

I have a month and two weeks until go time for my segment of MS Run the US. I am getting so excited! I have to bring my bags to the RV in Wisconsin beforehand; I don’t plan on having to pay baggage for all my living gear I am bringing for crewing. Therefore, I’ve already begun to pack my bags, and should be getting them to WI before too long.


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