The Lesser as the Victor

Friday was a perfect day for a run. The warmest weather we have had in months, and endless sunshine. I woke up knewing that it would be my long day of the week. I had plans to do the Kal Haven trail, a 34 mile trail from Kalamazoo to the lakeshore in South Haven. I couldn’t find a ride to pick me up in SH so I drove halfway to this little town called Bloomingdale, planning a 17M out and back. I’ve only ever ran through Bloomdale, never actually made the drive. No offense to anyone, but Bloomingdale is in the middle of, essentially, nowhere. It just appears out of some cornfields. However, It is a neat little town, with a little park in the center and a grocery store to call their own. It is one of those places where I am sure everybody knows everybody. If you listen to country songs, this is kind of how your “small towns” are described. It was a nice place.

Unsure of where to park (as all the obvious parking lots were where “overflow” snow was forced to be placed) I stopped into a business to ask for the best place to go. The staff were incredibly helpful, and a gentleman I talked to was a runner as well. We swapped stories about our experiences, the trail, and I mentioned MS Run the US to him. We talked a bit more, he wished me luck on the run.

I went and moved my car to the suggested place, geared up, and was off. The trail was still snow, which, normally doesn’t bug me too much. I had on my screw shoes, and thought I would be getting plenty of traction and “push”. A mile in, I realized I had forgotten to “glide up”. If you run… you know what I am talking about. I ran back to my car to do that. After 6 miles, I couldn’t believe how sore my body was from the previous runs of the week. That combined with weights and crossfit, and I was burning. The trail had been the consistency of mashed potatoes. Heavy, sticky snow and little “push”. That, and I hadnt seen even a squirrel the whole time. I was mentally not with it, and physically, pretty burned out. Thinking it would help, and ate some food. Another mile, and I was still slogging along at unusually slow pace. I made it to the 8 mile point and looked down at my watch. Yup. 8 miles. 9 more to go- To the halfway point. Then back.

Imagelow on fluids at the half

For the first time I can think of, I turned it around. I ran back, still slow. Water was low. Sore. Pace slow. Footing sucked. Trail was a straight away and the scene never seemed to change. I had every excuse. I hate excuses. But I let them get me. It was just a bad run. I I had been going on my longest week of training for almost 9 months, and upped it even more that day, which I was happy about, but grr, I hate when the run wins. Either way, I finished just shy of 100 miles for the week. There will be a tomorrow.ImageKHT at roughly 6 in

Quick side note- people are awesome. I love when a friend stops by to say hi and you havent heard from them in a long time. That just happened. Makes my day a whole lot better.

Today was 10 miles split into 2- 5 milers. Mostly recovery stuff, as I was pretty fried still. I did snow trail again by the house, and a run with my former cross country coach. We chatted about life for the past year; it has been a while.

This coming week will be speed focused, i think, since 13.1 nats is coming up reaaalllyyy quick. I need to work on getting that turnover back up since Its been strictly long runs as of late.

see you on the trails


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