The Tundras


Where I live, I am surrounded by 4 different lakes. In the past 2 days I have made an effort to run across those lakes. I began yesterdays  run from by driveway, quickly making it to the nearby nature preserve that backs up to one of the lakes, West Lake. I took a “floating trail” through the wetlands and out to the lake, where I hopped off the floating trail and onto the ice. The ice on the lake was covered by 5 inches of snow and a thin layer of ice in the middle of the snow from a recent warm day/freeze combo. Essentially, I broke through ice on each step which was a bit un-nerving for a while until I got used to the “oh crap” feeling. No worries, there is +10 inches of ice on the lakes right now.Image

West lake has a channel that connects to Austin Lake, so I crossed over. Austin lake was a bit better condition, without the ice lay on the snow, however the snow was very dense and heavy. Nonetheless, I was able to follow a snowmobile track clear across the lake, which is 2.5 miles wide. My pace was a slow 9:00 on the ice and heavy snow. I cut through an acquaintances’ yard to get off the lake, and took the road back home.


Today, I ran a big loop around Austin lake (on the road) and took it to the local state 

This morning I got a response about a 100 miler I’ve been looking at. I’m approved to run it! Keep you posted once I get registered and some more details. game land, which has a few miles of two tracks running through it. I took one of the two track to a dead end into Hogset lake, again hopping on a snowmobile track on the ice. The lake connects to the largest and deepest of the lakes, Gourdneck. I ran the perimeter of the lake on the snowmobile track, passing by a park and the edge of some wetlands. My GPS watch died- I’m thinking it was roughly 12 miles.


Apart from that, I’m working on setting up a bowl-a-thon fundraiser in town for MS Run the US and getting gift cards from local businesses to raffle off. Hoping to raise $1,500 at the event.

I’m about to head to the basement for some crossfit and a few more miles to top off the day.


see you on the trails-


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