This is Getting Out of Hand

Running is getting out of hand.

I want to do a 100 miler this fall, and just found a perfect race. The problem is, there are some pretty strict rules to enter, being that you have done a 50 mile race before. I have not, since last summer was devoted to Ironman training, and this summer will be all MS Run the US. Im trying to see if doing a 50 mile training run and sending them a garmin file would be adequate for entry, or entering now but doing the 50M midsummer. I know a 50 trainer wont be much of an issue with the depth of training I’ve been doing as of lately, so sending that file would be easy enough for me if they would accept that.

Crossing my fingers. It’s worth a try.

In other news, I spent sunday volunteering at the Portage Winterblast 13.1. I was up at 4am and spent the day outside, where it never topped 9 degrees. However, I had an absolutely great time. I was a course marshal during the race, and got to cheer on over 1000 runners, giving high fives and words of encouragement. It was great to see the smiles and hear the “thank you’s” from the runners. I helped take down the course afterward and was able to bring home bunches of extra bagels, donuts, and juice, which made my day haha.

Mileage this weekend was 11-20-11. My buddy from TC is preparing to come to town this weekend to do a 50 mile trainer with me assuming I can use it as entrance to the 100M. From my driveway to the KalHaven trail to the lakeshore in South Haven (via trail) is exactly a 50. I’ll take it as a sign that I need to do this.

Short post for now.

see you on the trails-


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