26.8 Mile Day

Today was my longest continuous training run ever. As I am training for MS Run the US, where I will run 240 miles in 9 days to support the cure for multiple sclerosis, I have been upping my training mileage each week. I drove back home this weekend from school; it was moms birthday, and I had a long run in mind that I have been itching to do.

I ran from my driveway to Fort Custer State Recreation Area, which was exactly 26.2 miles away according to google maps. I can’t resist a number like that, so I laced up my Saucony Fastwitches and began my way there about 10:30 this morning.

I took “the grid” there, as I refer to it. By this, I mean the back streets in the countryside that basically make a bunch of squares, or a grid. I stayed on one street, 34th, for 11 miles. It is perfectly straight, and I felt like I was going insane waiting for the next turn. Eventually, I made it to the next turn, which was a street that lasted for another 6 miles. Buhhhh.

I arrived to my first “aid station” at the 16 mile point of my run, which was just a gas station. They allowed me to refill my water bottles. That was about all I got haha. I had packed along nearly the last of my Hammer Endurolytes to keep my electrolytes up during the run. I couldn’t resist packing Mike and Ikes… I love those things. Otherwise, my calorie intake on the run was pretty low on this one, consuming a lone Chewy bar about half-way.


I arrived to Fort Custer in 26.8 miles, having gone over just a little bit somehow. No big deal. My arranged ride came to pick me up with perfect timing, not more than 5 minutes after I got there.

I spent the rest of the day eating everything in sight, specifically fruits and Greek yogurt, and possibly a trip to Taco Bell, which is my post-marathon impulse food.

I napped for 2 hours after that. I’m supposed to go see a late movie tonight. It’s 7pm right now and I’m brewing coffee to survive it.

…MIGHT try for 20 miles tomorrow, but haven’t fully decided on that yet.

Yesterday we had 50mph winds at campus. I did 7 miles out there, and had an absolute blast with it. I was getting tossed around by the wind, and the snow drifts were treacherous, but, somehow I love that kind of stuff.Image

Side note- George Mallory, one of the first people to ever lead an expedition on Mount Everest was once asked why he was climbing it. He replied “because it’s there.” Live with that kind of attitude. Leave nothing unexplored and never stop dreaming and working for those big goals you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid of the mountains ahead of you and taking the chance at conquering them. The reward is the view from the top.


See you on the trails-


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