The Fish Must Be Good.

As I mentioned previously, I got to go run through the rays and get my fix of vitamin D. The weather was flawless (for a winter in Michigan), albeit the rising temps have turned a couple of streets into urban rivers.

I took a bus to downtown Grand Rapids today and began my run in the outskirts. I wasn’t off the bus for one minute when I stepped in an ankle deep puddle. I was hopping over a snow bank at the end of a sidewalk, and the puddle lay in wait for me on the other side. I looked at it in slight disbelief for a moment, and then continued on. I wasn’t in the mood to care about it.

I ran into the city, crossing a bridge. The water had big ice floes (I think that’s the right word?) in it. It was an impressive sight. The first place I stopped was at the art museum, where there were ice sculptures out front. I love to look at ice sculptures; an incredible amount of patience and skill goes into making those. I give the artists lots of credit. dtgr3

I continued up a few notable hills, and then zigzagged across the bridges and river for a few miles. At the bridge farthest upstream, the river was frozen over as far as you could see. This is where all the ice floes were coming from. What was crazy were the people in waders in the river fishing. I imagine that an ice floe would knock a person over. – The fish must be good. I like it, but I’m not going to be the person to bring a new meaning to “ice fishing.”dtgr2

I ran up an 8-level parking structure. It was a mile and a half worth of running back and fourth on an incline, semi-indoors haha. I honestly didn’t mind. The view from the top was pretty cool.dtgr1   dtgr4

The rest of the run was about normal from that point on. I had perfect timing making the bus stop. Post-run I went grocery shopping decked out in my neon shoes, socks, and jacket.

Have you ever ate a papaya before? It’s like watermelon, strawberry, cantaloupe, and jolly ranchers all mixed together. Delicious.

See you on the trails-


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