Asphalt? Is that you?

After not seeing the sun or road for weeks, the skies finally parted over the last few days and allowed for the roads to be cleaned up and some of this ice to melt. The sun was in full force today, albeit 27 degrees, but I made sure to make the most out of the clear roads and country highway shoulders. I was able to gather a couple of friends from running club here at college and we ran a rather hilly out-and-back road. There was next to no traffic, which surprised me for whatever reason. We turned around at mile 6. I refueled with some Hammer Gel, Raspberry flavor, which was partly frozen. Mixed with orange juice from my bottle, however, it was a delicious treat and kept me going on the way back. We battled a few more hills on the way back, one for about half a mile. We were running parallel to the Grand River, so occasionally we got a glimpse of it and the overflow ponds, which was scenic enough for being relatively close to campus. We finished up with 12 miles, and I ran to meet them from my house, so my total came to 14.

Also, it was good to get my feet back in my Saucony Kinvaras. I’ve been anxious to wear flats, as I have been taking my screw shoes (old Fastwitches with screws drilled in them for ice traction) with me on the rare days when roads permit safe running. The Kinvaras feel great to run in, and have great response, plus the lightweight and durability makes them well worth the price, which is fair to begin with. I recommend them if you happen to be looking.

Last night, running club at college had a valentines day run, where the goal was to run 2.5 miles in just shorts- it was 16 degrees- and pass out valentines to random people. I was decked out in red short shorts, socks, shoes, hat and gloves (I guess I like red) as well as a couple of other runners. We had a blast and got quite a few laughs, horn honks, and clever remarks from passerbys. We were running outside for 24 minutes, but we would run through a building on campus every 5 minutes or so, so we stayed relatively warm. I ran a 200m with some kid out on a run. He asked if I was Canadian haha. “Nope, just a little crazy and celebrating Valentine’s day with running club.”

It’s been a solid week so far. 14,15, and 20 mile runs, along with some speed and recovery runs. I can’t wait for race season to get here.

Additionally, check out MS Run the US! I’ll be running 240 miles from Las Vegas to Milford, Utah over the course of 9 days with them in April to put an end to multiple sclerosis. 15 more people will be running the rest of the country for the same reason! They are doing some great things, and are non-profit.

Best regards.

See you on the trails-



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