The Bridge is Broken…


Yesterday I went for a hike with my friend/roommate Jason. At home, he lives right across from a fairly large nature preserve with about 20 miles of trails, a few lakes, swamps, and streams. Despite single digits, we wanted to get out and hike through the fresh snowfall. We hiked for about an hour and a half, usually just cutting through woods and blazing our own trail. We walked through a linear pine tree forest, which was super cool. There were no footprints going through them for quite a while until we neared the main trail again.



The swamp has a wood plank path, made very simply of 6 inch wide/ inch thick lengths of wood, maybe a mile long. We decided to walk on this. Eventually, the planks lead up to a small bridge, which had tipped onto its side from the freezing water of the stream that it lay over. We managed to cross the bridge by holding onto the side, now the top, and placing our feet on the legs that the bridge previously were supported by. If we were to slip, the water was only about a foot
deep, and dry socks, if needed, were just about 15 minutes away. Both of us made it across with no problem. However, I stuck my foot into muck about two minutes later. My feet didn’t get wet, they just smelled like swamp gunk for a little bit.

Have a great new years eve!

see you on the trails-Image


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