Ninja Run

If you live in (the frozen arctic tundra other people call) Michigan and do any kind of running outdoors during the winter months, you probably choose to wear some kind of spandex, usually black. Admit it, you’ve imagined being a ninja as you look in the mirror before heading out to battle the snowflakes, head to toe in tight black.

Today, I bought a new balaclava for my winter runs. The one I had was old, thin, and soaked up moisture like a sponge. It was time for a new one. I dressed as a running ninja would, all black, plus my new black balaclava, and some tinted ski goggles. It was a perfect ninja suit, minus the sword. Then I remembered my brother, who owns some pretty interesting random things, has a ninja sword. I grabbed it from his room, and this was the result.

After having some fun (carefully, i promise) with the sword and my ninja’d out outfit, I decided to get serious for a run. I had to throw on my Nightlife jacket as a windbreaker, so I wasn’t completely blacked out any more :/

I reluctantly dropped my (ahem, my brother’s) sword, and went to battle the snowflakes unarmed.

I practiced my footwork and balance on the frozen docks of the swamp/nature preserve just a couple miles from my house. I ran on the docks without a sound, footprints silenced by a few inches of fresh fluffy snow.

ImageIt was a fun run- a good one to start 2014 with. I did about six miles total, and will probably sneak in a few more on the treadmill later tonight.

Happy new year!

See you on the trails-


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