Following last weekend’s  40 miles in under 15 hours, I had a pretty good week of training. I got to run with my buddy from high school cross country, who is back in town for Christmas.  We did 5 miles in the snow on Monday morning. The temperature outside was a big fat zero. It was bitter freaking cold out there. The wind was at our faces on the way out, but we heated up (haha joke) on the way back when the wind was at our backs.

Actually, I had to ship something, so I brought it with me during the run since we would pass the shipping store. When we walked into the shipping place with red faces, tears dripping from our eyes, and snot pouring from our noses, they asked us if we were crazy. Yes. We are runners. Of course we are. I digress.

On Christmas I did a run at night, no watch. It was about an hour long. I played some Christmas music from my Ipod and ran through the flurries that were gently falling from the sky. It was cool to be the only person on the roads. I ran the middle of the lane most of the time and saw almost no vehicles.

Today I got out and did a 10 mile tempo over some hills to train up for A) Boston and B) Frozen Foot 5 Mile in Traverse City in 3 weeks, which I am hoping to win. We will see what happens. I’ve never raced that course before, though many of my PR’s have occurred in Traverse City.

I am crossing my fingers for a trip to Arkansas next week with some friends from Climbing Club. We are looking at heading to the Ozark Mountains to climb some rocks, which is my other hobby. Of course, I am already looking for awesome trails and summits to crush. Weather is looking to be sunny and 40s in the day and 20’s at night, which, honestly, I love to camp in, so long as there is no snow, which there isn’t. I ordered myself some personal Christmas presents for the trip (and actually I need them regardless) consisting of a couple of climbing carabiners, a new glow in the dark Nalgene bottle, and a Lifestraw filter, just in case I ever need that on an uber-long run or overnight hike. Ya never know.

I am also extra hopeful of that trip because I saw the new Mitty movie last night and it blew my mind. I just wanna go explore. If you haven’t seen Mitty, go see it. Now. I don’t even normally like Ben Stiller and this movie was absolutely incredible.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep posted on if I go to the Ozarks or not. Things are looking up for it right now though YAYAYAY!

See you on the trails-


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