Catching up…

Exams are over and it is finally break! Last week I celebrated the end of the semester with a 15 mile run in Grand Haven, MI. I found some trails that I new knew existed. The beginning was a really big climb up to the top of the backside of some dunes. The trail followed the ridge of the dunes for roughly a mile before coming out into a neighborhood on top of a hill. From there I could see the ice- covered beach below me, with a rough and wavy Lake Michigan crashing upon it. I ran along the beach for about a mile before I got to the pier, occasionally stopping to look at the unique shapes of the windblown ice. When I got to the pier, it was both amazing and a little bit intimidating. It was amazing because the entire thing was ice. The steel arch-shaped beams that supported the catwalk on the pier had become an ice tunnel. The emergency life rings were coated in a swirly layer of ice, and the light poles had the same look- big streaks in the ice from where the wind had blown it. The pier was intimidating, rather obviously, for the same reasons. The ice that covered it, though rather gritty, still had its slippery spots. I WALKED slowly out to the middle, snapped a couple of pictures of the scenery, and walked back in.

When I got back to the beginning of the pier, an older guy was waiting there, and had some very choice words to call me for being on the pier. Apparently, he was concerned for my safety and didn’t know of a polite way to say so. Still, it was one of the prettiest winter scenes I have seen in a long time, and I am not a fan of winter, so that says a lot.

I continued on toward the downtown area, crossed the drawbridge over the river, and finished up my run on the back half of the GH marathon course. 

I did a seven mile day the next day, split into a 3 and 4 mile run, morning and night. The next morning after that, I got on the treadmill for a battle of man vs. machine. My goal was to run until the timer rolled at 99:59. I made it at almost exactly 15 miles. Normally, I can’t stand the treadmill, but do it anyway because it is a necessary evil in the event of 5 degrees and 20mph wind outside. However, I set up my laptop to stream youtube to my TV, and watched documentaries on Leadville, Western States, Hard Rock, and Badwater. This kept me occupied, and the 99:59 didn’t seem all that treacherous. 

Yesterday was sunny and I got outside for six miles. I’ll be keeping it easy the rest of the week, as I will be doing a 50K just for fun with my buddy who is coming home from Colorado on saturday. At 10pm. At Night. Just for fun. (with other people- there should be about 10 of us)

MS Run the US is coming along very well. I received my segment last week. I will be running from Las Vegas to Milford, NV. This is 240 miles, a marathon a day for 9 days. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to MS Run the US to find the cure for multiple sclerosis, feel free to visit my page at or at

Have a wonderful christmas season!

See you on the trails-


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