It is with much honor and excitement that I would like to announce to you all that I will be a part of MS Run The US 2014. The main purpose of the relay is to raise donations to fund the research and cure of multiple sclerosis. The relay team of approximately 16 runners begins in Los Angeles and runs to the finish line in New York City, each person running their own segment(s) to total 3,000 miles. Starting April 26th, I will be running from Las Vegas, Nevada to Milford, Utah. This segment will stretch 240 miles, and take 9 days to complete. I will be running a marathon (26.2 miles) a day on each of those days.

 MS is normally defined as an auto-immune disease, where the body attacks its own central nervous system, breaking down the protective tissue that lines spinal cord, resulting in various symptoms that range in severity, including numbness, loss of balance, pain, vision problems, and paralysis. MS affects more than two million adults and children worldwide, and roughly half a million people in the United States.

As part of the relay team, I will need to raise donations for MS Run the US. Each relay runner is expected to raise at least ten thousand dollars in total, with various required donation milestones before the end of the relay. Every penny of the donations will go toward MS Run the US and research for a cure for MS. I kindly ask, if you are able, to consider making a donation to support me in this cause, and also to help fight for a cure for MS. 

A link to the fundraiser is here:

I really appreciate any consideration and donations, as I am so excited to be a part of this event. Thank you so much! Also, feel free to pass the word on!

In other news:

I applied for this about 3 months ago, and received news that I made the team on thanksgiving. By the way, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving. I’ve been super busy lately working on final exams, which start on Monday, so I haven’t made much new stuff about my runs lately. I can say this much though- I did 13 miles on the trails in the rain yesterday and got COVERED in mud. It was so much fun!  I plan on a night run tonight, and about 20 miles tomorrow along lake michigan. I really wish I could spend a bit more time to fill up a good blog entry, but these review guides and final papers are calling my name.


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