Almost Roadtrip Time

It’s been a few days since I posted, so this is sure to be all over the place and random.

On Wednesday I did a 6 mile trail run at Aman park in Allendale, MI. The trail winds through ridges and valleys and along the river. I was able to find a few trails I’d never been on before there, which is always a bonus. I was feeling quite “stale” yet from the marathon on Sunday, so i just kept it easy and enjoyed the view.Image Today, Friday, I woke up and headed out for 7 miles during the sunrise hours in the ravines behind the university. It became an adventure run pretty quickly when I got to the woods. The path 

Imagewas a nice yellow/red blanket of leaves, and despite the freezing rain and snow that was falling, It was a quite enjoyable morning. There is a covered bridge along the river in the preserve that I was in, and I had to get a pic of it/me running through it. I wound up using 3 sticks to make a tripod and, after some frustration, balanced my phone/camera correctly and got a few good shots.

I am currently sitting on my couch sipping hot apple cider, going back and forth between writing this and packing my gear for Kentucky. I leave for the Red River Gorge in less than 3 hours for a weekend full of rock climbing, slacklining, hiking, and other shinanegans that I’m sure will happen. I’ll be sleeping in my North Face solo tent during a couple of 28 degree F nights on the trip, so I’m making sure to bring warm stuff and a couple of emergency foil blankets. 

That’s pretty much all for now. I’m pretty excited to head off the radar and away from civilization for a few days… truly at least an hour away from any cell service or towns of more than 20 people. I live for those places.

-See you on the trails-








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