Two more days!

I am two days out from my favorite, and final marathon of the year, The Grand Rapids Marathon. It was a beautiful day outside today, but i could only go out for two miles because of the tapering :/ Tapering is the hardest part of running in my opinion. I just can’t get enough. I want to GO!I’m hoping to PR with a time of 2:39. We will see what happens- its supposed to be high 30’s/ low 40’s for the start of the race, rainy, and windy. I could be in for a lonnnggg run. (because 26.2 miles isn’t long already, right?)

I just got my new pairs of Saucony’s in the mail today too! One Fastwitch 5, and another Kinvara 3. I can’t wait to try out the Kinvaras since I’ve never been in a pair before.

Also, Next weekend brings about a roadtrip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, where I will be with the collegiate rock climbing club for some hiking and climbing. I plan on being the guy who wakes the tent up at 5am as i go out for a run. I’ll be sure to post all those stories shortly after returning to civilization. There is no kind of reception for entire counties out there, but thats what makes it such a genuine place to escape for some good running.

Best to all!


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