Slightly Amphibious- Ludington, MI, Day Two

October 11, 2013 – Truth be told, I’m mooching a campsite off my parents right now, because I’m in college and too broke to pay for my own. It just worked out nicely that they were coming up during fall color season. I woke up in my comfy bed in the camper, which is much different than my usual solo tent sleep-on-the-ground camping that I prefer any day. My parents made waffles for breakfast, and of course i covered them in blueberry pie filling and cool-whip. Dessert, anyone?

I got some quick slacklining in at the campsite before I went to the river to go Salmon fishing with my dad. The river was full of thousands of salmon making the swim up to to lay their eggs. Generally speaking, this is the only reason for their presence in the river. They aren’t there to feed, since they are at the end of their life cycle and are focused on reproducing. This being said, Neither my dad nor I caught anything. I’ve never been much of a fisherman though, mainly because I find it boring, or i don’t have enough patience to wait for something to bite. Either way, I wasn’t too let down by my lack of being able to catch dinner.

After fishing, I began my run around Hamlin Lake, Lost Lake, and what I call the Lost Islands. It is a trail that goes through the woods, across swamps, islands, and dunes surrounding Hamlin Lake, which backs up to the state park property. The trail can be 3,6, or even 10 miles long, depending on which routes you decide to take. I went for the 6 mile one. I can’t really describe how beautiful this trail is. It is definitely my favorite one in Michigan’s lower peninsula. See the pictures attached.

After the trail, I threw on my tri wetsuit and swam out to and around one of the islands. The whole swim was maybe a mile. The water was somewhere between refreshing and cold. My body was fine because of the suit, but my face went numb after a while. My guess was a water temperature of high 50’s. I saw a turtle and a couple of big fish in the water, which is very clear year round.  I used to be terrified of seaweed, but was forced to get over the fear while i trained for my Ironman earlier in the season. I’m glad I did, because it was really neat to swim over all the vegetation and see the underwater world, full of life.

After finishing the swim, I went back to the campsite and took a LONG nap. I later went slacklining over one of the dunes on the islands trail. I normally would call it a highline since I had my harness on, but it was only 11 feet high at most. I had some pretty awesome falls, and never really sent the full length since I was using a different line than usual. Nonetheless, it was a fun, scenic, and relaxing experience.ImageImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “Slightly Amphibious- Ludington, MI, Day Two

  1. Oh and there ARE some big fish in Hamlin Lake many years ago, my father speared a tiger musky out of there, while ice fishing. I would say in the early nineties or so, and that monster was nearly 50 inches long! Mounted and hanging still in my Mothers living room (:

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