Beach Run

Last night I went on a beach run with a handful of people from running club. We did a 5 miler in bare feet down the shore in Grand Haven, right on Lake Michigan. It felt good to have sand between my toes one last time before Michigan becomes, well, Michigan. At the end of the run we ran on the pier, right at sunset. It was a cool 65 degrees out, but I took a leap of faith off the pier and into the water below, which was surprisingly warm. Everybody followed along after a little bit of “peer pressure” if you could call it that, and we had an absolute blast.
After we all decided we didn’t want hypothermia, we drove off to find an ice cream shop. (Irony?) With our luck, the mom n’ pop ice cream places all were closed for the season, so we settled for some Dairy Queen.
In other news, my room mate aka running buddy is home from the hospital. He had pancreatitis, no surgery needed.
I’m heading to Ludington, MI tonight for a weekend on the trails.






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