Escape Route

20131002-165349.jpgThe last few days of classes have been unusually stressful. This morning, I woke up and decided that on top of my usual team run this evening, I would go on a quick 5 miler to start the day off. The sun was just starting to rise into the cloudless morning sky, illuminating a dense fog that gently consumed the area. I went to my favorite routes which enters the nearby river valleys through a long and paved downhill, which ends in the water at the bottom. 


Once I reached the river at the bottom, I was running through a thick fog, seemingly as I running through a giant cloud. The leaves are quickly starting to change

 colors here, and occasionally I would pass fire-red trees. It was peaceful feeling to be out on the trail, escaping the world that was just a couple of miles behind me. This weekend I am looking forward to heading home to volunteer at a 5K in my hometown, one of the largest high school 5k meets in the country. The race atmosphere is such a cool feeling, and I love to get involved with the running community.


-See you on the trails-


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