Death by Chocolate Milk

Wednesday, Sept 25th, 2013

Tonight was the annual Grand Valley Running Club chocolate milk mile. Basically, 20 of us went and did 4 400’s and drank 12oz of chocolate milk after each one, as a race. It was a great team building experience, but man, I felt like death afterwards. I ran a 5:30 mile including stops to chug milk, with 48oz of milk in my stomach. The fine organizers of this event, who reserved the right to alter race rules at any time, said that the winner had to drink another glass upon finishing. They came up with that rule as soon as I crossed the finish line- in first place. Team building experience, right?

I also got to bring home all the extra milk until our next club meeting on the 30th, so I have negative amounts of room in my fridge for anything.


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